Engagement & Collaborations

In addition to the programs offered by and through KEY, we aim to be the connection to ensure that signature university and school events make full use of the resources and facilities that are available, and that our K-12 students derive real, purposeful value from taking part.  These types of connections are many and varied – some are highlighted below.

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Creativity & Innovation Week

In partnership across the university, students in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High school design and develop projects aligned with the World Creativity & Innovation week (which is in April each year).  The projects are showcased in the Creativity & Innovation Expo.

Winter Enrichment Program (WEP)

School students take an active part in WEP through participation in lectures and workshops – hosted at TKS and on the university campus; and by developing and showcasing their own science projects at the WEP Science Fair – which takes place on the university spine.

TKS hosted a number of visitors and guest speakers who delivered keynotes and workshops for WEP 2023.  The theme for WEP 2024 will be ‘Digital Adventures’.

KAUST Research Open Week (KROW)

School students partner with the university to showcase their research and research-related activities during KROW each year.  Activities showcased in KROW 2023 included the F1 in schools project, MATE-ROV (underwater robotics), and the Grade 11 project to design a greenhouse.  In addition, a number of Extended Essay and Personal Projects were presented, and the Kindergarten launched their Kore Labs.

Computer Science Education Week

Computer Science Education Week is celebrated internationally in December each year.  The KAUST School partners across the university to offer school students the opportunity to learn more about, and get involved with computer science, data science and artificial intelligence.

World AI Competition for Youth (WAICY) 2023

KAUST proudly co-hosted WAICY 2022 with ReadyAI.  More than 100 countries joined the 2-day competition – at KAUST and online.  WAICY is for children – from 4-18 – to showcase their AI ideas and projects to a international panel of judges… but it’s not just about the winning… students get to share their projects and engage with their peers around the globe.

We are looking forward to hosting WAICY 2023 – which is scheduled to take place in December.

Elementary School STEM Program

Many elements of the Elementary school’s STEM program have been co-created by TKS educators and faculty at KAUST.  Curricular programming offered to Elementary students includes:

Coral Probiotic Village – learning about and supporting the research being undertaken by our faculty and researchers in the Red Sea Research Center.

MATE-ROV – working with colleagues in the RISC Lab and Core Labs to develop under-water robots to take part in international competitions.

Soap Box Derby – a collaboration between GES and the Research Centers – to design, build and race soap boxes in an exciting community event.

Summer Workshops

We partner with KAUST faculty and researchers, TKS educators and external organizations to offer a range of Summer workshops – to different age groups.  Watch out for an announcement about the Summer 2023 schedule.

For more information on our collaborations