Grade 5s – Entrepreneurs of the Future…?

As part of their unit of inquiry around Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the TKS Grade 5 students heard from Justine Braguy – a recent graduate of KAUST – and the founder of Thya Technology – a tech-startup developing AI-based computer vision as a service.

Justine talked to the budding innovators about the journey of Thya Technology – from a personal scientific challenge to the creation of a start-up, and the innovation and problem-solving mindset that was needed on every step of the journey!  She also shared a little about the technology and service that Thya is offering – it was a great way to showcase how AI can be used in a really practical way.  One of the Grade 5s commented that it was “inspirational”.

Justine was impressed by the level of interest and good questions from her audience, and left them with a demo tool that they can use to have a go themselves and understand how – with just a few images – the students and train and generate their own detection model, simply and quickly.

Their time with Justine has certainly ‘ignited curiosity and inspired creativity, and the students are excited to ‘investigate solutions’ – both in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, and using the AI tool to create a detection model.  These are the three pillars of the TKS mission… job done!