KAUST partners with Frontiers for Young Minds

KAUST has partnered with Frontiers for Young Minds and UNDP, Saudi Arabia, to curate and publish and collection of research papers for ‘young minds’ focusing on the 17 UN SDGs.

Frontiers for Young Minds believes that the best way to make cutting-edge science discoveries available to younger audiences is to enable young people and scientists to work together to create high-quality exciting articles.

The KAUST faculty are writing the 17 research papers – to showcase how their research is supporting one of the UN SDGs – and the students at TKS are reviewing the papers, to ensure they are understandable by the age-range they are aimed at.  The TKS students are also interviewing the authors and the link to the live video will be included in the research paper.

KAUST shared this news on its communication channels last week (and posted on LinkedIn), and it has also been shared on a number of national news sites.

The students are now busy reviewing the papers as they are completed by the faculty and – once they are finalized and have gone through the production process, they will be published in The SDG Collection on the Frontiers for Young minds platform… and our young reviewers are named alongside the authors and science mentors!