KAUST school students learn design engineering as part of the Hikmah Lab workshop series

During the 2022/2023 school year, more than 150 school students have attended design engineering workshops offered as part of the Hikmah Lab program, in partnership with dheritage2tech.

The name derives from the Bayt al-Hikmah – founded in the 7th century as a center of culture, science, and technology – the House of Wisdom.  The Hikmah Lab explores inventions from the Golden Age of Islam and brings them into the present day – using the engineering methods to design and develop solutions for tomorrow’s problems – in an informal, hands-on, and experiential way.

The workshops harness engineering design methodologies as the catalyst for immersive SCHTEAM (Science, Cultural Heritage, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) experiences.  Using d.heritage2tech’s thinking routine – Observe, Wonder and Imagine (OWI) – as a tool for developing meaningful and user-centered solutions enriched with cultural heritage, projects progress through observation, wondering, ideation, production, testing, presentation and exhibition.

Students – from age 8-16 – have solved problems using design solutions and undertaken engineering expeditions in a series of exciting and fun workshops.

Look out for more Hikmah Lab workshops coming soon!