Soap Box Derby Race Championship

KAUST held it’s very own race championship on F1 Race Day in Jeddah – Saturday, March 9!

Our four Soap Box Derby teams – Aquila, Hydra, Orion, and Pegasus – raced their cars in KAUST’s first Soap Box Derby Race Championship!

The Grade 5 student teams built their cars in February and then tested and modified them… ready for race day.  They learnt about all the elements of running a racing team, with students taking roles of drivers, engineers, PR/marketing, finance, etc.

Team Hydra took the trophy on the day, narrowly beating Orion in a thrilling final race.  It looks like the Soap Box Derby Race Championship will definitely become an annual fixture on the TKS/KAUST calendar.

Well done to all the teams, and thanks to our university sponsors, who supported the students financially and with expertise:

Team Aquila – Prototyping & Product Development Core Lab

Team Hydra – KAUST Reefscape Restoration Initiative

Team Orion – Security

Team Pegasus – Clean Combustion Research Center

To see all the photos from a great race day, click here.