TKS students compete in the MATE-ROV World Championships!

A group of 8 TKS students (and their mentors and chaperones) flew to Longmont, Colorado to take part in the 2023 MATE-ROV World Championship which took place from June 21- June 25.  The team had earned their place in the final by winning the regional competition that was hosted at TKS in May 2023.

In addition to the TKS ‘reef rover’ being put through a series of underwater tests, the team delivered a product demonstration and engineering presentation, and points were allocated for company spec, technical documentation, and marketing display.  The team was also judged on their Corporate Responsibility and Safety plans.

31 teams competed and the TKS Reef Rovers finished middle of the field, which they were very happy with, as this was their first time competing in the World competition. They are motivated to win the Regional competition again so that they can improve their placing in the World competition in 2024!

Whilst it was an intense 5 days, the group did manage to see a little bit of their host town and had some fun!


TKS Reef Rovers Team

Dylan Todorov, Emils Ekers, Yahya Fahmy, Jacob Kennedy, Lilian Tryon, Nitin Prabhu, Oliver Horvath, Reuben Potter

Reef Rovers Mentors

Krasi Todorov, Majad AlShamrani, Nawaf Alotaibi

Trip Chaperones

Aniela Potter, Krasi Todorov, Nathalie Tryon, Kenneth Kennedy

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