Exploring solutions to water scarcity: A TKS student initiative

On World Water Day, TKS Grade 11s took part in a range of activities at the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, and also showcased their work in one of the sessions.  The session started with a keynote presentation by Dr Sofiane Soukane, a senior research scientist from the Water Desalination & Reuse Center at KAUST.  He identified the causes of water scarcity, including population growth, lack of integrated water management, expanding industrial demands, and climate change, and set the stage for discussing potential solutions.  The TKS students then presented their innovative solutions to water scarcity, which underscored the creativity and technological potential in addressing water challenges.

Five groups presented their potential solutions to the audience:

  1. Nuclear-powered desalination: a visionary concept leveraging nuclear energy for efficient desalination.
  2. Air moisture water extraction: an innovative technique to harvest water from air moisture, offering a new water source in arid regions.
  3. Water efficiency and drought resistance: strategies and technologies aimed at enhancing water conservation and resilience to drought.
  4. Indoor vertical farming: a sustainable agriculture solution that significantly reduces water usage while increasing crop yields.
  5. Prediction using neural networks and hydrotrack: advanced predictive models for optimizing water distribution and management.

The event concluded with a poster session, where 14 other groups were able to share their ideas and discuss their potential solutions with the attendees at the event.