Grade 10 Personal Projects

The TKS Grade 10 students undertake a personal project – a student-driven, independent inquiry – in their final year of the Middle Years Program (MYP).  Students are encouraged to investigate a topic that reflects their personal interests and passions.  During the 9-months of the project, they are engaged in rigorous inquiry, research and action, in order to achieve their goals.  Students apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they have developed throughout the MYP and – for the project – produce a 15-page report outlining their research process.  Whilst the project is personal, it also aligns with the IB’s mission of creating globally-minded individuals ready to impact the world in a positive way.

The project continues until February 2024, but the Grade 10 students shared their progress so far at the mid-point expo.  KAUST university students partnered with the TKS students to offer feedback, input, advice and guidance, as they progress into the second part of the project phase.  The finished projects will be showcased at TKS in February.