Jana Winderen visits TKS

Well-known Norwegian artist, Jana Winderen is spending time at KAUST with the CORDAP team, to record the sounds of the Red Sea.

Jana has a background in mathematics, chemistry and fish ecology and she brings all her skills together to develop audio installations and concerts, to hear the sounds of creatures that are hard for humans to access (both physically and aurally) – deep under water, inside ice, or with frequency ranges inaudible to the human ear.

Before she headed out to spend time listening to the Red Sea, she visited The KAUST School.  She presented her work to students in Grade 5, along with amazing sounds and photographs; she chatted with the EFFECT Club about sustainability, the UN SDGs, and life under water and on land; and had some musical fun with a Grade 6 music class, where they played a piece of music for her they had been working on.

Jana’s recent works include installations in New York, Helsinki, Miami, Oslo, and Thailand (Krabi).  The sounds she records on the Red Sea will be used in an art installation for the Riyadh Arts Biennale in February 2024.

Photos of her visit to TKS can be found here and to see more about her work, you can visit her website –