Frontiers for Young Minds kicks off at TKS

KAUST is partnering with Frontiers for Young Minds to author and curate a collection of research papers – written with the young reader in mind – to showcase how KAUST’s research supports the delivery of the UN SDGs.

KAUST faculty are being invited to re-write research papers so that they can be understood by a younger audience (from 8-15 years)… and the papers are then reviewed by the potential readers themselves!

A group in The KAUST School came together over an 8-week period to review the first research paper – connected to UN SDG Goal 15 – Life on Land.  Their role is to ensure that the paper could be understood by the age group that it is intended for.  Their comments and feedback will now be shared with the authors, so they can make the necessary adjustments… and our young reviewers pulled no punches in their honest reflections on the paper!

Once the paper is finalized, it will be published as one of the papers in this new Frontiers for Young Minds journal collection.  Not only do the authors get recognised, but the young reviewers are also named.  In addition to reviewing the paper, the student group also interviewed the authors (which was filmed), and are also planning a blog for the Frontiers site about their experience.

KAUST faculty will continue to author papers, and different student groups at TKS will continue to meet over the coming months and years to review the papers – until all 17 papers have been reviewed.