McLaren F1 Team driver Oscar Piastri chats with TKS students

Australian racing driver, Oscar Piastri, visited KAUST as part of an ongoing research partnership between KAUST and McLaren. The visit coincided with the Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix that took place in Jeddah in March.

Students from TKS (Secondary and Elementary) were thrilled to meet the world-famous F1 driver.  Reval Hejazi and Cedar Hopwood – high schoolers – interviewed Piastri, asking questions that the school students had submitted, covering a range of topics – from racing to sustainability and diversity.

Inspiring the next generation of motorsport talent is a big priority for the McLaren Racing team, so it was brilliant to meet so many KAUST students today, and to get a chance talk to them about their own experiences and ambitions for the future, while hopefully sharing some useful insights into my own journey into F1

Oscar Piastri