TKS Elementary partners with Red Sea Research Center

TKS Elementary School continues to develop its STEM program – in partnership with the university.  With the goal of bringing the world of KAUST scientists to Elementary students, the Marine Microbiomes Lab shared a presentation – “Coral Reefs: through the eyes of researchers” – to 600+ students (in Grades 1 to 5).   Under the leadership of Professor Raquel Peixoto, the group (Ines Raimundo, Laura Beenham, Giovanna Sabini-Leite – KAUST university students, and Vera Costa – KAUST Research Specialist) explained the core research that takes place at the lab, and what they do as scientists.  They also shared some unique research projects that they are working on – relating to the use of probiotics on corals.

The group then further engaged with the TKS Grade 5s, who had many questions about the research and projects being undertaken by the Marine Microbiomes Lab.  The team have now recorded a podcast to provide more information… and are encouraging the young students to pursue research and projects in STEM areas.

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