TKS Students complete short courses at KAUST Core Labs

Core Labs and The KAUST School (TKS) joined forces to provide an enriching learning experience for TKS students during the 2022/2023 school year.  Not only do students undertake the online Lab Safety training (to provide them with more awareness of safety in a lab setting), but the students also had the opportunity to visit some of the Core Labs and learn basic lab skills and use of equipment.

During their visit to the Analytical Chemistry Core Lab, the students delved into the fascinating world of water quality assessment, and were able to work with some of the equipment that is used to explore the conductivity and pH of tap water and seawater samples.  The short course provided an immersive experience and the students better understood the importance of scientific analysis in understanding our environment.

Students also completed a short course in the Imaging and Characterization Core Lab, where they discovered the intricacies of studying the structures of biological specimens.  The workshop was divided into two parts, allowing them to gain insights into the sample preparation process, and then apply standard microscopy techniques to capture stunning images.

KEY is proud to work with the Core Labs to foster these hands-on educational opportunities.  A big #ThankYou to the dedicated Core Lab teams for sharing their expertise with the next generation of scientists and researchers.  Together, we are cultivating a passion for scientific exploration!